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Killing off Supermom

We all feel that pressure to be perfect–especially during the holidays.

Please read this thoughtful and humorous article on motherhood.  It’s OK to be who we are!

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What is Occupational Therapy?

What is OT1

According to the American Occupational Therapy Association Inc (2013) Occupational therapy is a way to “help people across the lifespan participate in the things they want and need to do through the use of everyday activities.”

History of OT2:

1910’s: The first professional association for OT was adopted in 1917 and was called the National Society for the Promotion of Occupational Therapy (NSPOT).  There were six people in attendance of the first meeting which took place March 15, 1917 in Clifton Springs, New York.  Those individuals were George Baron, Thomas Kidner, William Dunton, Eleanor Clarke Slagle, Isabel Newton, and Susan Johnson.  At this meeting the basic philosophy for the association was created.  One of the first goals of NSPOT was to seek military support during World War I to send 5,000 reconstruction aides to provide occupational therapy services to wounded soldiers.

1920’s: NSPOT changed their name to the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA).  During this decade occupational therapy took on more of a role in hospital and mental health settings.  Also, professional level courses began being taught at colleges and universities across the country.

1930-1950’s:  During this time the field of occupational therapy became more aligned with the medical field and focused more on a scientific form of treatment.

1960-70’s: The broad field of occupational therapy began to form specialized fields such as pediatrics and developmental disabilities.

1980-90’s: The occupational therapy field focused more on education, prevention, and health maintenance for patients.  Another focus of this time was the creation of screening programs.

2000’s:  Currently there is a push in the field for a return to the roots of which occupational therapy was created, a focus on occupations as the form of treatment for patients.  As of 2010 there were 108,800 practicing OTs and 36,000 practicing OTAs across the country.

Who benefits:

The truth is OT can help a HUGE variety of people across all age groups live life to their fullest.  People benefiting from OT could include individuals injured at work, limitations after a stroke, suffering from chronic conditions, with birth injuries and developmental delays, dealing with substance abuse, with burns, with spinal cord injuries, amputations, mental health issues, physical traumas, and many others.  Occupational therapists can be found in settings like hospitals, transitional care units, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient facilities, prisons, state hospitals, schools, and in home health.

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Holiday Traditions

As my children get older the holidays really become a lot more fun.  They are aware of why we celebrate Christmas and they are willing and able to create their list for Santa.  The problem is ….the list never ends and they start creating one in October because they have seen decorations out in all of the stores already.  The economy has put a damper on many families when it comes to holiday shopping.  We have all had to pinch our pennies around the holidays and it seems that every year, there is more and more to buy.

The one tradition we have when creating the Santa list is my children really focus on 3 main gifts that they really, really want.  We explain to them that if baby Jesus received 3 gifts for his birthday, then you should be able to get at least three gifts to celebrate his birthday, too.  This does really help to narrow the list down and if there are extra items they want, Santa may bring them or I divvy up the rest of the list and there are options for family members when they ask what the kids want.    My husband and I usually try to have them write their “official” Santa list closer to Thanksgiving so I can give family ideas when they ask.  What kinds of traditions do you have with your kids?  We would love for you to post on Moms Connect. Please post below by registering and responding below.  Thanks!

More Traveling Tips with Kids

My adventures continued as I recently had my family stay from out of town.  My cousin brought her husband and two children to spend time with my three children.  We decided to road trip to The Big Apple!  We were all very excited and headed out early in the morning loading 3 adults and 5 children ranging in ages from 13 to 7 in the mini-van.  As you may recall, I blogged earlier about what to bring with you on a long car trip to both entertain the children and feed them.  Well, my cousin, Kelly was the MOST prepared mom I have ever seen.  She was like SUPERMOM on this adventure.  Kelly made a travel backpack filled with various items such as:

1.  Prepackaged moist hand towels- they looked like washcloths when we opened them.

2.  Tissues

3.  Extra plastic bags- doubled up for sturdiness

4.  Protein granola bars by Nature Valley

5.  An umbrella

6.  Hand sanitizer

Well, the list goes on and I felt like her bag was a never-ending bag of tricks.  All of the items proved to be HIGHLY usable and needed on our trip.

We set out on our adventure and got about a mile from our house when Kelly’s daughter became very sick to her stomach.  She moaned and said, “Mom, this is the worst birthday ever!”  Poor kiddo:-(  SUPERMOM,  Kelly was so prepared that she sprung into action immediately.  She gave her daughter a doubled plastic bag ready to go and she was prepared to clean her up as well.  The good news was that she felt better by the time we reached the city and we could continue to enjoy the rest of our time together.  We visited FAO Schwarz, Toys-R-Us, American Girl and of course touristy places like The Empire State Building and The Statue of Liberty.  The moral of this blog is always be prepared.  I am a mom who no longer uses a diaper bag, but from now on I will be using a travel bag!  Don’t we all strive to be SUPERMOMS like Kelly?  Packing a backpack with all of the necessary items needed helps to alleviate any stress that may come with traveling with your children.  Enjoy the rest your your summer and happy travels to you!


-Dennine Leschinsky

M.Ed and Mother of 3

Packing for Summer Travel with Your Children

My family and I recently took a vacation to the beach.  I have three children and packing seemed like a daunting task.  I decided to enlist their help and it worked out wonderfully.  I made a checklist for them that used picture clues and words even though some of my children can read.  It seemed to help them focus what they needed to pack.  Once all of the items were put on their beds, I double checked each and put them in suitcases.  It was efficient and effective and my kids felt part of the process and I felt less stressed.  We all know that us moms, have A LOT to think about and pack otherwise when we travel.  Feel free to use this checklist, tweak it to fit your needs. Click on this link: Kids Beach List Tell us below about your travel tips!  We would love to hear from you!

Written By:

Dennine Leschinsky M.Ed- Early Intervention Teacher and Mother of Three